Monday, September 9, 2013

Paleo Habanero Pesto Crêpes

We love all things spicy, and obviously we love eggs!

While at the farmers market in Santa Monica on a sunny Saturday morning, we stumbled onto a pesto company that had lots of different and interesting pesto flavors.  We purchased a spicy, non-dairy style and instantly fell in love.  Of course we set out to re-create it (in our own paleo way!)   

We have incorporated this pesto in an easy breakfast favorite: savory crêpes!  The crepes, of course, could be made with any pre-made pesto (or your personal favorite recipe!) and then stuffed with any ingredient you choose!   

Paleo Habanero Pesto Crêpes

For the Pesto:

2c fresh basil
1c fresh spinach
3/4c high quality EVOO
3/4c chopped walnuts
4 minced cloves of garlic
1 whole habanero chili - stem, seeds & ribs removed
1.5T fresh lemon juice
1t fresh cracked pepper
1t sea salt

Pulse all ingredients in a food processor (add the leafy greens last) until a medium-grain consistency.  Store in the fridge in a mason jar or a secure glass container.

For the Crêpes:

2 eggs
2T Pesto
1T coconut oil

1.) Whisk the pesto with two farm fresh eggs

2.) Add 1T coconut oil to a pan on the stovetop and heat on low temp.

3.) Add the egg/pesto mixture and swirl around the pan until it covers the entire bottom surface

4.) Spread the wet mixture gently around with a spatula as the eggs start to cook.  Just scrape the surface to move any wet mixture around and to ensure an even thickness for entire crêpe.

 5.) When you start to see air bubbles and the bottom side seems to be cooking up (about 3-4 mins) use your rubber spatula to lift up one end of the crêpe.  Slide a wide flipping spatula under the crêpe and flip fast (you will only do this one time!  If you are a professional, just go ahead and flip away in the pan!)

6.) Continue to cook for another minute or two until done.  At this point it should be easy to just slide off right onto your plate!

7.) Place whatever meat or veggie in the middle of your crêpe.  Its delicious plain too, but avocado makes everything better!

8.) Fold over both sides of the crepe to cover the center.  (Use your hands or a spatula...whatever works for you!)

What will you be putting inside your Pesto Crêpe??? :)