Friday, November 8, 2013

A Super Sweet Sugar-Free Giveaway!


See what we did there??!

We promised when we got to 3000 Instagram followers that we'd offer up another giveaway and here it is! The best part? If you are currently doing The 21-Day Sugar Detox, then you can consume every single thing in this giveaway! The last thing we would want to do is send you a pile of sugar (maple syrup or honey, of course) and say "hey, but don't eat this for two more weeks!" So what do we have for you? Here's the line-up:

Flavor God will be supplying you with a 4-pack of their seasoning mixes. 
One of each flavor!

ingr-EAT-ients will whip you up a fresh batch of their cinnamon pecan butter


Eating Evolved is going to give you TWO boxes of their unsweetened Midnight Coconut chocolate PLUS a coupon for free shipping to get some sweetened stuff later. 

All of these companies are fully supported by us as there are NO questionable ingredients in their products and everything in these prizes is 100% Paleo (no gray areas!)

So enter below and share this post on Facebook - the more entries we have the more chances we are to be able to do giveaways in the future!

Good luck! You have until 9pm PST on Monday 11/11/13 to enter!

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  1. A couple of things crossed my mind......

    1) Melt down a few squares of the chocolate and mix in some of the Flavor God spicy (because I like things with a kick). Rehard in the freezer to make it back into sqaures, and then top it with some cinnamon pecan nut butter.

    2) Make it up s'mores style! Add a little bit of the spice to the nut butter and sandwich it between a few pieces of chocolate. I really want some.

  2. Hmmm...I think I would take the Elena's Pantry protein bars that we love and sub the cinn. pecan butter for the almond butter, melt the evolved chocolates to go on top, and add a dash of the spicy seasoning from the pack to give it a kick!

  3. I would create a chocolate cinnamon pecan butter cup wrapped in seasoned bacon (like the wrapper). I think it'd be pretty fancy and delicious. :)

  4. Well I love cinnamon toasted pecans so I'm pretty sure I would love this!!

  5. I would break up the midnight chocolate into little pieces to put into my paleo pancakes that would be drizzled with the cinnamon pecan butter heated up....I'm already salivating.

  6. I'd use the cinnamon pecan to make 3 ingredient paleo friendly cookies. 1 cup nut butter, 1 cup coconut sugar and 1 egg

  7. I would probably make little sandwiches with Granny Smith Apples and the pecan butter and then dip them in the chocolate before devouring.

  8. I would try to make a relative of a type of mole sauce to use as a bbq rub on a roast! What yummy flavors that would make!

  9. Heck ya. Could make some killer sweets with those 2

  10. I would make a delicious cookie for a killer dessert!