Sugar Detox

Are you one of those people who HAS to have something sweet after a meal?

Or do you reach for the M&Ms, sugar-filled coffees or other
carb-filled treats in your normal afternoon slump?

How about those "hangries"? That feeling that you might rip
someone's head off if you don't eat every 2-3 hours?

Are we speaking your language? I (Tonja) have been there - most of my life actually. Most mornings I ate breakfast, packed two snacks and a lunch and then had dinner and another snack after dinner. If I didn't consume something every 2-3 hours my stomach would scream at me and people knew to stay away. 

Plus, sugar and carbs had such a pull on me.. physically. I still talk about how doughnuts talk to me... but their pull on me is definitely less than it use to be and I've learned just how real food can heal so many areas of your life - not just the physical. 

How? I've done multiple 21-Day Sugar Detox's - every few months or so I re-set my carb-monster and feel AMAZING. I lose a ton of bloat, sleep better, my adult-onset acne clears up, my mood improves and I can go awhile without eating, which is great when life throws you curveballs and you can't always have food with you. 

But beyond the program books, recipes, meal plans (which are just ideas), this isn't a program where you have to buy shakes, pills, special cleansing drinks, etc.You only really need to buy your food.. because...


Now, even if you've done this detox before and have the old e-book or the current book/cookbook, the online program is BACK and full of all sorts of new things you won't get anywhere else.  This will offer Diane Sanfilippo the ability to continually update the program for you, offer support not offered to the general public in forums, and give you tons of freebies you can't get otherwise. If you don't have the books, you'll get the opportunity to purchase them and have them shipped to you for FREE. 

So what exactly do you get? Here it is:

Every person in my life who has decided to do this has not regretted it ONE BIT. Everyone has a different experience, but weight loss usually happens, migraines go away, skin rashes disappear, people start sleeping more sound and most importantly, they learn how much sugar really did have a stronghold in their life.

Let us know how we can help or if you have any questions. Time to get rid of the "hangry" monster and get on with the life you want to live. 

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